468 Insider can help drive visitor engagement for any community, large or small – from towns wanting to improve the tourist experience to universities needing to orient new and prospective students.


NE Washington Insider


The Northeast corner of Washington State, covering more than 6,000 square miles and three of Washington’s 39 counties, is as vast as it is diverse. Therein lies the challenge for the Tri County Economic Development District (TEDD), whose charter is to promote economic growth while preserving the culture and environment of the region. TEDD launched Northeast Washington Insider in July 2017. Within the first full month of availability, more than 500 people downloaded the app, collecting points at 140 locations and redeeming points (i.e., spending money) at businesses across the region. According to TEDD Marketing Director, Shelly Stevens, “The Northeast Washington Insider app allows us to broadly market the region without leaving any area behind in the effort. It also lets us project a more current method – mobile – to reach a larger audience. 468 Communications has been fantastic to work with, provides excellent customer service and listens to our needs for the app.” READ MORE >


San Juan Islands Insider App


San Juan Islands Insider is a customized mobile app for San Juan County that drives visitor engagement and commerce by rewarding users for visiting places on the four main islands in San Juan County – Lopez, Orcas, San Juan and Shaw. The more places visited, the more points earned, which can be redeemed for discounts on goods and services in the San Juans. The app is managed by the Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Chambers of Commerce and promoted by the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau. READ MORE >

Project Washington Insider App


Launching in the summer of 2016, Washington State Insider is an educational tool used by students of Lopez Island School to help people engage in historical places around the state. Students are creating content for the app that showcases the people, places and events from Washington history. Users will collect points every time they visit an historic place listed in the app. For every point collected, $1 is donated to the purchase of new Washington State History textbooks for Lopez Island School District. READ MORE >


Edenwild Insider App


Edenwild Insider acts as a hotel concierge app for The Edenwild Boutique Inn. The app rewards Edenwild guests for exploring the Lopez Island. Users collect points while visiting the island's special places and completing Edenwild Adventure Challenges. They can redeem points for free night stays, rentals or discounts on tours. READ MORE >